DER AUSGELASSENE FREITAG ABEND mit einem bunten Haufen lokaler Wohnzimmerfreunde bespielen wir unser Kellerabteil, mit einem möglichst breitem Spektrum, uns ansprechender Clubmusik.

MUTTER found a place to hold her famous family feasts of delicious house and techno music. From now on she will be dishing out amazing servings of bass, mids and trebles at SASS each and every first friday of every month. This boutique club in the heart of Vienna offers everything enthusiasts of club music ask for. A stylish and neat appearance meets a sophisticated sound and light setup.

Hit attending to save a big deal of money. Get there early and bring your sexy friends. We love music. We love you. Let's be family. Dance underneath MUTTER's umbrella.

"Spritzwein Sessions" is now the brand for our exclusive thing at SASS Music Club. It takes place every 4th friday of the month and we booked some exciting guests for our upcoming parties. Manifest is the name of our collective including Marie, Roman Rauch, Fabe, Maaki and Nesta

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